Music Composer and song writer based in brighton, uk, creating a wide range of style of music for a variety of different projects

personal details:

name: David Alexandre Mendes Redinha
birth date: 7 June 1979
born in: Angola (Huambo)
nationality: Portuguese
current address: 14 Anvil Close, BN41 2HT
telephone: 07766668580


Music Composer - Song Writer - Producer

Born 7 June 1979 in Huambo (Angola), lived in Angola (Luanda) until 11 years old when moved to Macau (South China) till 22 years old then moving to Brighton (England) and living in Brighton for the past 9 years where music career continued to develop. Since living in Macau, a small peninsula in South of China, musical opportunities were rare, so Brighton became the place chosen to explore new options in the world.
With the studies from Music Composition, Production and Technology (BA) and the experience of years working for Film, TV, and other visual performing arts, recording and producing music with bands and personal music.


"Lovejacking: amor em fuga”
– April 2010 - Best Music Soundtrack on Canelas Film Festival Porto, Portugal

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