In this session is used to express and exchange ideas about music, film, life, philosophy, and other topics.
It was not long ago that we used to share audio and video tapes with one another by copying them from machine to machine using big amounts of time to exchange these physical boxes with information.
At that time sharing media was already starting to be a threat to copyrighted information but in much lower levels of “danger” for the Industry.
With the technological Internet Revolution bigger horizons were invented for sharing of information. We have arrived to an era where we have the whole world in our hands.
A non physical world with flow of digital information of 0s and 1s that provide us all the information we need to use on the physical world.
Nowadays, technology is providing us with one great gift among others, which is the Internet. If years ago, the TV screens and Stereos were the main home multimedia killing time machine (entertainment), we have now arrived into a different stage where the computer is taking over.
The Online Digital World has come to life! Instead of waiting for scheduled multimedia entertainment on the television or going to shops to buy or rent audio and video, people are now able to enjoy home media with a wide variety of diversity at our choice. It as become too easy to search and make use of digital information for our pleasure.
The possibilities are so endless that people are finding ways of escaping their responsibilities for “fair” exchange of digital products.
This of course brought new issues to the money making industry.
The Internet as become one of the biggest cheating market in the world, if not the biggest. Sitting at home with your computer not only became the biggest marketplace in the world, it also became a perfectly safe way of stealing. Probably only those who are still “ignorant” in the ways of driving around the Web are not taking defraud advantage of this new online world.
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